Getting a membership in a Gymkhana is definitely a BIG YES these days. But it is important to check thoroughly and get information about the facilities and other benefits any club is offering to its members.

-Location: The location of the club is important. It should be located nearby so that you can visit whenever you want without getting struck in the traffic.

-Facilities: Most all the clubs have a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis, football, cricket –to name a few so you can decide to play whatever game you are into and also even get a qualified coach for the same. You should always visit a club before deciding and take a look at the grounds or courts for the specific games. The clubs also offer many indoor activities like yoga or aerobics and indoor games like chess etc. and they have different play areas allotted to them.

-Lush Green Lawns: These are the best features in any club. As a member, you can host your functions there at a discounted price. You can either have a small family gathering or a grand event like weddings too. Moreover, you can also host your corporate events like friendly cricket or football tournaments etc.

-Corporate membership: Some clubs offer corporate membership which helps to create a formal yet friendly atmosphere at the workplace. You can easily plan a weekend getaway with your colleagues at a good price.

-Cuisine: There is usually a nice restaurant or two at the club which takes care of your taste buds . You can relish the variety of food served there.

-Festival Celebrations: The clubs have a special way to celebrate every festival with its members like a one big happy family. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Ganapati Utsav are all celebrated in a grand way full of fun and frolic for everyone.

-Membership Terms: Last but not the least, be aware of the different rules and regulations that have to be followed if you opt for membership for any club.

A Gymkhana club membership is a perfect way to spend a leisure and relaxed evening with your family and friends, and also which is nearby and easily approachable. All the above mentioned points are important while considering membership for any club.