The Amphitheatre in Navi Mumbai is one of the largest and most impressive venues available for hosting events. With a seating capacity of nearly 500 guests, it offers ample space and a vibrant atmosphere for various occasions. Whether you’re planning a dance competition, an annual day celebration, or any other event that requires a grand stage, our Amphitheatre is the perfect choice.

Over the years, we have successfully organized a wide range of programs at this venue. From the hilarious Hasya Kavi Sammelan to engaging quiz shows, captivating musical performances, and mesmerizing dance shows, our Amphitheatre has witnessed numerous memorable events. Our team is experienced in handling diverse programs and ensures the smooth execution of every event.

For inquiries and bookings, we kindly ask you to contact the Nerul Gymkhana office. Our dedicated staff will be delighted to assist you in securing the desired dates and providing any additional information you may need. Don’t miss the opportunity to host a remarkable event at our Amphitheatre in Navi Mumbai.