Nowadays everyone wants to be fit. But if asked, how many of us actually are inclined to do exercise on a daily basis then the answer might not be a 100% YES. On this point, the question arises about the alternate options for a fitter and better us. The answer is quite simple- SPORTS. First of all, let’s understand how practicing any sport on a regular basis can be beneficial for our health.

Not only can sports be helpful in lowering your body fat and increasing muscle but it has been proven to have been life saving as well. For many working out in a gym can be daunting but sports, on the other hand, is fun, exciting, social and fulfilling. Therefore, sports are one of the topmost priorities at a gymkhana. Mostly, all the clubs have arrangements for many sports and even expert coaching is also available if you require. Some of the sports are mentioned below:

-Cricket: The clubs usually have an academy for cricket coaching where the coach trains the budding players to play at different levels. Also, practice matches are organized to boost the players’ confidence.

-Tennis: For some, tennis is the ultimate game. Most clubs have exceptional arrangements for the coaching where anyone interested can join and learn from the experts. The tennis courts are well maintained and are of international standards.

-Swimming: This is the most sought after sport by all age groups. The older people like to have a relaxing swim whereas the younger ones are all about fun and excitement. The clubs offer coaching for all the age groups and there is always an instructor cum lifeguard for the members’ safety.

Some clubs also offer various other sports like- billiards, squash, badminton, to name a few. All you have to do is get a membership at a Gymkhana to have a fit, healthy and happy life that you always wanted for yourself and your family.