Fitness is one of the most important aspects of our lives, especially more than ever before as the stress and rushing part of our lives is steadily increasing. If the fitness is mixed with just the right amount of fun then it is totally worth it. This is where your Gymkhana membership can come in really handy. At a club you can get an array of options from which you can easily choose what is best suited for you. The club usually has a dance studio where you can take classes for different dance forms like- Hip Hop, Bollywood, etc  and a gym where you can achieve your fitness goals with lots of fun. If you are into yoga, then you can opt for Iyengar yoga classes which is meant for all and is a way of life. It is said that the regular practice of ‘Iyengar Yoga’ definitely integrates the body, mind and emotions.

All these activities have group classes so definitely you can end up meeting people who share the same interest.  If you are not into a group activity then the club also has an arrangement for personal trainers so you can have your session as per your requirement. The club also has a locker and shower facility which is very important as you may end up all sweaty after a session so no need to hurry back home. You can carry a change of clothes and take a quick shower which will leave you fresh throughout the rest of the evening. Moreover, after the session you can relax at the club’s cafeteria and have quality time with your family and friends.

The Gymkhana clubs also have ample parking space for its members and the staff is very attentive and dedicated so you can just park your car and have fitness and fun merged together without having to think about anything but relaxing.