Play On


Soar high above in the skies of Navi Mumbai and experience an exhilarating high wire Airborne Invasion. Defy gravity and come close to flying with a 2-course Zipline. Ziplining in Mumbai has never been more adventurous.

Also, ask our Guides for an Add-On Go Pro Camera, if you wish to capture the experience, mounted on your helmet, chest or hand.


A military style obstacle course to get your body warmed up and pumped up. A course where you need to walk on beams, swing and balance yourself on rotating barrels & loose ropes. The ultimate command on your body is balancing through this course. Race against time to show that you are indeed a Swinging Commando.


A high Rope Course where one needs to overcome a circuit of 6 obstacles, with a true heart of a soldier, in the fastest time. An aerial course that forces you to manoeuvre your way through suspended planks, tyres, vertical ladders and many more. At the height of 15 feet, Mumbai’s first and only Continuous Belay Track system assures you the utmost safety and utmost thrill.


A true military themed obstacle course in all senses. Walk on hanging tyres, crawl through barrels and scamper through nets to make it the finish line. Train like the military does in this exhilarating course and prove yourself to be the Unstoppable Warrior that you are.


Skill, Endurance and Speed, will be tested while you scuttle across our Net Climbing Activity. Reach the peak to claim glory, but do not forget, returning down is an equally important aspect. Climb Up and Down at the fastest time and brag about your Uphill Adventure to your friends and colleagues.


Everyday can be a day of colours at Play On – The Adventure Camp. Paint the target with colourful paintball pellets and a semi-automatic gun in this Military Themed Paintball firing range. Time to Open Fire and perfect target shooting at Play On – The Adventure Camp.


Bungee Soccer was never this exciting as you team up in 6s, be suspended in air and try to score before the time runs out. A human foosball as we would love to call it, will make you play football like you have never before. With you suspended in the Air with the help of Bungee Cord, the harness conspires against you and prevents you from scoring a goal. The word Team Work has never been as important than this to score in this game. Run, Fall, Rise and Score in this ultimate game of Suspended Warriors.


The game that forces an absolute meltdown. Jump and Duck like a trained military personnel, with your only goal being to avoid a knockdown. Be the last man standing avoiding rotating missiles and fatigue and be the commando you want to be in Missile Evasion.


Military doesn’t necessarily mean Rough and Tough. A low course to test how steady your feet can be when you cross the Burma bridge, balance on polls, walk on nets and various other obstacles.